What’s Happened to the Music?

I strongly dislike chart music. It is full of air-headed “celebrities” who deem themselves important and are constantly followed around by a flock of sheep or “fans”. 
The industry itself has been consumed by the personalities rather than the music. Who cares what Kanye West is up to now? This has allowed any good songs to be buried under a tidal wave of tabloids and paparazzi. 
And then not only do these celebrities seem to be worshipped, they are soon mimicked. The music alone is not enough, they must then advertise themselves as perfect whilst using “beauty” products.  Suddenly, teenagers feel self-conscious about themselves, by not achieving the ‘perfect’ body. A lucrative market is suddenly created where these insecurities are exploited and money is silently siphoned away…
There are,of course, exceptions, those who I find inspirational. 
Lily Allen is not afraid to get her head into the politics, against the fascists of our day, against the clumsy oafs who we call “world leaders” and who history shall remember with resentment (I.e. the Bush administration, the BNP etc.) Lily even spoke out against the ‘celebrity’ singers: “I hate all these people who flaunt their beauty.” She may get into controversies, but for the right reasons: to highlight the fundamental failures of our society through her music. 
Lana del ray is one of my favourite artists. Her songs bring me down to earth when my head is in the clouds. The simplicity of her songs and their message makes me imagine a perfect world, just her and her lover, with nothing else to crack her utopian shell. 
Both of these artists seem to be genuine. You can take them at face value and know that there is not some sort of scandal, affair or ‘shock’ break-up round the corner. This cannot be said for all, or even most of the other singers also on the charts. 
I love music. I even play two instruments. I do not love the self-centred egoists that dominate the industry and exploit their position to become obnoxious celebrities.

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