Tech Wars: Return of the Fanboy

Hello all, 
 I thought I might start off this blog by saying that I’m fed up. Fed up of the money and litigation involved and the fanboy wars involved the so called “tech-industry”. 
Every product has its pros and cons, comparing the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy to the Nexus 4 is like comparing vanilla,strawberry and chocolate ice creams, it’s all about taste
At the moment it feels like the fanboys are a couple of three year-olds having tantrums, completely disregarding anything that has been said to rant on. You can scream ’till you’re blue in the face:  I’ve stopped listening. 
Personally, I think that there is some shameless copying going on. (Need I remind you of the HP Spectre One?)
And of course, the lawsuits (The Victoria School of Business and Technology had to change their logo as it was an apple) 
Do people really have nothing better to do? Think about what $1 billion would do to change the world, instead of lining the pockets of the privileged (reference to Apple winning $1 billion from Samsung, in case you’ve been living under a rock)…  
Think about what could have been achieved if both Apple and Samsung had worked together to create revolutionary products… Actually, we would probably be in the same place as we are now: constantly being extorted as new product comes on to the scene six months after the previous one.



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